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The Next One Day Camp will be September 5, 12:00 to 8:00. Concert at 7:00 with the kids performing on stage witht the ultimate 80's tribute band, Hair Raid.

Teachers at the camp will be the members of the band, Hair Raid. Chad Garner will teach Guitar, Chad McDonald will teach Bass, Tony Pagni will teach drums.













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  • Rehearse with Professional Musicians with years of Touring Experience
  • Form your own band and learn songs.
  • Record a song with a Recording Engineer
  • Perform on stage in front of an Audience
  • Jam on stage with Local Artists
  • If you don't play an instrument, you can still attend the camp. Sign up for the Stage Hands and Roadie curriculum.










Click photos below on the left to watch the videos of bands performing on stage at previous camps.
All bands attending camp can create their own image and design a poster for their band.
See samples below:


Wild Scallions

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The Steva's

The Steva's

  The Steva's
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Iron Lemmings

Iron Lemmings

  Iron Lemmings
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kids camp assassins

The Assassins



The Squiddz Army


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Video of Kids Camp





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.Brad Perry visits the studio to talk about the upcoming camp.

Brad Perry Visits the Studio
Links to Channel 3:

Brad hangin' at Kids Rock Camp
Jammin' at Kids Rock Camp
Kids Rock Camp
Learning to be a Rock Star


Goals for the Band Jam:

At the Band Jam Workshop, our goal is to provide kids an opportunity to Jam with other kids who share the same passion for music. At the end of the camp, the bands will perform a show on the stage.

Kids will be divided into bands. The band will group kids together who have comparable skill levels and prefer a similar style and genre of music.


Check out videos from previous camps:

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Classes will include:

Teachers will teach songs to each member of the band. The band will rehearse the songs in preparation for the performance.


Audio Class...

with hands-on instruction showing how to set up audio on stage, how to use a mixer and PA, how to do a "sound check", test microphones, and learn about cabling.

Stage Hands and Roadie Class...

learn how to set up a stage plot, tune instruments, set up amps, run cabling, set up lighting, and install truss.

Contact Info:

9445 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
phone - 480.767.3777
fax - 480.551.9920