March 29 American Home Rescue fundraiser with Rex Rodgers band

March 20-22 Kids Rock camp with Stages Music

March 22 Big Brothers/Big Sisters rehearsal with Fender sponsors

March 16-19 Tamia Rehearsal with Phoenix Suns players

March 14 Roxster video event with Wrestling Rumors and Fallen Adrift

March 11-13 The Maine pre-tour rehearsal

March 4 Video shoot for Hypo Twins video blog PartyOnTheDanceFloor.com

March 6-8 Rock Boot Camps

March 7 CTS showcase with Jeff Senor

Feb 22 Hit Search America workshop with Claud Hart

January 30 Led Zepagain concert

Jan 26 Harley Jay rehearsal

Jan 17 Kids Rock Camp with Stages Music






Fab 9 - Capt'n Henry And The Rum Runners video shoot


Feb 8 - Render Films video shoot


Feb 3 - BoogieNights.com rehearsal for Scottsdale Block Party


Feb 1 - Showcase for Gunn Productions with Paul Rogers


Jan 30 - BacchusGroup.com Maximillian rehearsal for Patriots Super Bowl Party


Jan 26 - Fractured video shoot at Marquee


Jan 21 - Chicks With Picks video shoot




Dec 30 - Showcase for Generica 2


Dec 22 - Video Shoot Kimmie www.skyrecordz.com


Dec 16 - Open House at Scottsdale Studios featuring performances by: Mighty 602 Band, Vanity Tweak, Wensday, Unskinny Bop, and Jack Ripper.


Dec 14 - Video Shoot for Vanity Tweak at Marquee Theater


Dec 09 - Auditions for The Shout! House - Rock N' Roll Duelling Pianos. www.theshouthouse.com


Nov 30 - Video Shoot Roxster Band.


Nov 27 - Video Shoot Eric John a tribute to Elton John.


Nov 23 - Sincere Films video shoot for band Manufactured Defects


Nov 17 - Video shoot for AZ Diamond band - Neil Diamond Tribute


Nov 1 - Hunter Gomez teenage actor visits the studio to tape auditions


Oct 25 - Nick Nicholson @ Whisky River - Watch for Nick's music video "Real Women Drive Pickup Trucks" - Coming Soon!


Oct 20 - The Maine video shoot


Oct 19 - Westgate Kansas concert - BS video


Oct 7 - Oktoberfest video for Rondavous band at Tempe Town Lake


Sept 23 - Arizona Music Hall of Fame event @ Dodge Theater


Sept 16 - Gentry Bronson showcase @ Scottsdale Studios 5pm


Sept 15 - The Quakes first stop on world tour @ Chasers in Scottsdale


Sept 13 - Tempe12 Calendar launch party @ Axis Radius - Showcasing Vanity Tweak


Sept 3 - Singers and dancers wanted for new ABC prime time series Carrie Ann Vs. Bruno


Sept 2 - Greeley Estates now recording new cd. Click on video "Pre Production 1" and see                the band at Scottsdale Studios


Sept 1 - Julien Cook partners to provide live audio recording @ Scottsdale Studios


Aug 30 - Nick Nicholson nominated best male country artist 2008 Phoenix Music Awards


July 14 - Dwayne Deddrick Drum Video Shoot

July 12 - Vanity Tweak Video Shoot

July 8 - Artist "Wensday" produced by Dick Wagner and DesertDreamsLLC

July 7 - Nick Nicholson Video shoot at the Venue of Scottsdale

             Rally for the Troops part of National "American Rising" celebration

July 1 - Meklos and Blue Smoke video shoot

June 29 - Video Shoot for band Deranged Society

June 26 - Fox 10 News interview of HR Violations participations in the Battle of the                  corporate bands in LA sponsored by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Fortune                  Magazine

June 22 - Firebabez Showcase

May 27 - Genre Records Artist David Anthony

May 19 - Showcase for Crossin Dixon on Broken Bow Records

May 19 - Marquee Theater Video Shoot


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