Showcase Stage and Sound Stage Room

for concerts, parties, events, video shoots, and recordings.



Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios



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Sound Stage


Our Sound Stage room has hosted such tours as Jay Z, Rihanna,

Dick Wagner, Asking Alexandria, A Silent Film, The Maine,

The Word Alive, Kylee Saunders with Kaz Utsunomiya,

All Time Low, Metro Station, Tamia,

Gunn Productions with Paul Rodgers and Nils Lofgrin,

Smash Mouth, Crossin Dixon, Vickki Martinez,

Tyrone Vaughan, Bunny Sigler, Sister Sledge, and more




Our rooms can accomodate Touring Musicians, Stage Managers, and Concert Promoters.



Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios

John Hook from Fox 10 interviewing Dick Wagner



Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios

John Eric band on the showcase stage- Click photo to enlarge



Whether you need a rehearsal for your tour, or if your sound crew needs to test out your audio system, our 6400 sq ft room will give you plenty of room to work.


The room is approx. 6000sf, 70'x80', with 16 ft ceilings.


Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios

The room features a stage room which is 34'x45'.

front and rear lighting truss,

4 Way Stereo Sound System and Monitor system.


We can provide a system tech and FOH engineer to run live

sound and also record your show.

Sound Engineers, Drew and Mark, and Lighting Mike


Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios

Click Photo to watch video of Neon Circus show


The stage can be rented for:


Rehearsing your performance

Shooting a music video or band demo.

Showcases for promoters or agents.

Private parties and Events.



FOH Engineer is available to supply all of your sound needs,

or You can bring in your own sound system.


Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios

Showcase Stage in the Sound Stage


Daisy Train Video Shoot April 16, 2012








Synaptic Soul Scottsdale Studios







Stephanie Eason Band CD Release Party



Scottsdale Studios Table Events

Charity Lockhart video shoot April 2012



F5: The Making Of The Video

View video from recent Showcase. Click to play.





Call for a Studio Tour! 480-767-3777

9420 E Doubletree Ranch Rd. Suite 107, Scottsdale , Az 85258



If your band or artist needs a rehearsal in the Phoenix area, Scottsdale Studios has a Soundstage Room.

6400sf with 24 ft. ceilings.

You can bring your own

sound system.

Or, you can rent our sound

system with our audio engineer.

Our Sound system includes the following equipment:

  • 4 Carvin DCM 2000 power amps
  • 2 Carvin DCM 2570 power amps
  • 6 Carvin TRX 218
  • 6 Carvin TRX 153
  • 2 DBX Drive Racks
  • 2 Carvin XC3000 Crossovers
  • 2 DBX 231 EQ

Mixing Consoles

Allen Heath 48 channel

  • 1 Mackie 24/8
  • 1 Mackie 1402 Vl2
  • 1 Behringer MX9000 (24/8)
  • 1 Behringer MX1804
  • Power amps QSC 1400, Behringer 2500


  • 4 Yamaha SP 15M
  • 2 JBL JRX115
  • 2 Fender ACE-15
  • 5 Alesis monitors 1201


  • Marshall Half Stack VS100
  • Fender Bassman 250
  • Fender Deville 212
  • Peavy Guitar Amp
  • Crate Bass Amp
  • Ampeg Bass Amp B100R
  • Berringer Keyboard Amp
  • Yamaha Motif 8 Keyboard
  • EOM Keyboard Amp
  • Drums: Pearl, Yamaha, and Mapex