Hourly Rehearsal Studios

New Address: 9525 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd.,

Suite 110, Scottsdale, 85258


Our Studios are Available for Auditions, Casting Calls, Dance Rehearsals, Band

Rehearsals, and Photography Shoots.

The studios are available for rent 7 days a week by appointment.

Each room is air conditioned and private.

The band rooms come fully equipped with Drums, PA,

Amps, and Mics. No cymbals are provided.


Load in is scheduled 10 minutes before booking time. Early arrivals will not be admitted to the room until 10 minutes before booking time.

Load out must be completed by the end of the booking time, or additional fees will be incured. Rental charges will apply until the room is vacated by all members of the band.

2 hour minimum bookings may apply during peak hours.

Call for more information.



Our Largest hourly room is 40'x30' and rents from $40 - $75 per hour.

Room #6 is 23'x23' and rents for $20 - $25/hour.

Room #3 is 22'x19' and rents for $20/hour



Showcase Stage rental - call for rehearsal rates.


Large reharsal Room

The Word Alive just finished 10 days of

pre production forthe fall tour 2013.

Click photo to enlarge.


Large reharsal Room

Room 3 is 23' x 19' Click photo to enlarge



Head Gear


Room #6 is 24'x23' and rents for $20/hour.

Click photo to enlarge.


Scottsdale Studios Table Events

Vicci Martinez (from The Voice) and her band

stopped by the studio for rehearsals March 2013.






Meeting Rooms Available for Casting Calls and Auditions





The Groove Merchants band



Scottsdale Studios Room 9

Kiana Martinez Band


Room 7 is also available for dance rental.






A day in the studio with Sarah Moss.

Click to see video.


Gear included at no extra charge:


Marshall Half Stack VS100

Epiphone guitar amp

Fender Bassman 250

Fender Deville

Peavy guitar amp

Crate Bass amp

Ampeg Bass Amp B100R

Acoustic bass amp

Sennheiser Mics

Yamaha 8 channel mixer, Behringer 8 channel mixer

Drums Pearl, Yamaha, PDP and Mapex fusion kit

Keyboards - Yamaha Motif 8 available at $25/hour

Marshall half stack JCM2000 available at $20/hour


OR Bring your own gear....


Head Gear

Rehearsal for Desert Ridge Jazz Festival






We have also provided rehearsal studios for National

touring musicians including:


-Jay Z and his band

-Rihanna's band

- Paul Rodgers (Bad Company and Queen)

- Nils Lofgren (E Street Band)

- Dave Elefson ( Megadeth)

- Tesla

- Chicago Transit Authority

- Brian Head Welch (Korn)

- Glen Hughes (Deep Purple)

- Smash Mouth

- Sister Sledge

- Sam Moore (Sam and Dave)

- Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper)

-Concrete Blonde

-Trever Keith - Face to Face

-The Maine

-2 Am Club

-Metro Station


Call for a Studio Tour! 480-767-3777

9525 E Doubletree Ranch Rd., Suite 110 Scottsdale , Az 85258





Room 6


My Girl Friday

Rehearsal for the band

Concrete Blonde before

their sold out show at

the Compound Grill



Marion Meadows and

his Band rehearsing


Hello Hollywood

Hello Hollywood on the stage


Jack Ripper

Jack Ripper makes a personal appearance


Dillon Lane

Dillon Lane